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This 3-day trip takes us down the Mekong in kayaks to the island of Don Deng. See the local people engage in various daily activities along this water way. Cross the river to the famous Wat Phou archeological site. And then back to the island for an afternoon bicycle jaunt around the island. This trip is a great way to discover life along the Mekong. ..
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Pakse is the capital city of Champasak province of Southern Laos, and the forth largest town in the country, serving as a major transport and commerce hub for southern Laos. If you plan to go to the Bolaven Plateau, Wat Phou, Si Phan Don (4,000 Islands), the Xe Pian National Protected Area, or Lao Ngam and Tad Lo in neighboring Salavan province. Pakse is an ideal base with its relaxing atmosphere on the Mekong and Sedone Rivers, friendly locals, ubiquitous riverside restaurants and bars, and numerous massage clinics.

Day 1: Laos Kayaking Tours on Mekong River: Pakse Kayaking Tours to Ban Hat Saykhoon - Don Khone  Laos Kayaking Tours on Mekong River from Pakse

We depart from Pakse toward the Four Thousand Islands or Si Pan Done, as they are called in Lao. We start kayaking at Hat Saykhoon village and paddle with the flowing waters of the Mekong. We pass peaceful island villages with coconut trees and stop on an island shore for a picnic lunch. We then continue to Don Khone island, spending the night in a guesthouse from where we can watch the marvellous sunset.
Approximately: 2½ hours transfer / 4½ hours kayaking or rafting.

Day 2: Laos Kayaking Tours on Mekong River: Don Khone Kayaking Tours to Liphi Waterfall - Ban Hang Khone – Dolphin Area - Ban Hang Khone - Sightseeing Package Tours

(for 2 day tour only: after Dolphin Area stop at Khone Phapheng on the way to Pakse or Veunkham, respectively)
After breakfast, we take a short morning walk to see colonial buildings on the island and continue to the Liphi Waterfall to view this gorgeous natural phenomenon. We can hear the spine chilling thunder from a fall that already vexed the early French explorers. We enjoy lunch at Liphi Waterfall before paddling downstream to Ban Hang Khone through more Irrawaddy Dolphin on Mekong River tranquil waters and through some of the many channels in the Mekong here. Once we get to Ban Hang Khone, we take a boat for a ride to a special area in order to spot the rare Irrawaddy dolphins (in the dry season we may be able to paddle directly to this place), the only site left in Laos for this highly endangered species. We are working with local authorities to contribute to a dolphin conservation fund - to which a fixed percentage of all paddle tours in the area are being dedicated. For those you join the 2 day tour: Instead of returning to Ban Hang Khone after visiting the Dolphin area, we take our car and drive to the majestic Khone Phapheng waterfall before returning to Pakse. If you want to proceed to Cambodia, the car can bring you to the border point in Veungkham. End of the 2 day tour. For those who join the 3 day trip: We return to Ban Hang Khone for overnight stay in a villager's house. Leethi Waterfall .
Approximately: 3 hours walking / 2½ hours kayaking or rafting / 1 hour boat.

Day 3: Laos Kayaking Tours On Mekong River: Ban Hang Khone Kayaking Trips to Don Khone - Don Ae - Khone Phapheng – Veunkham border or Pakse Khon Phapheng Waterfall adventure packages

In the morning we take a bicycle for a tour around Don Khon island. After lunch we enjoy a short boat ride to Don Ae and then paddle from here on the Mekong for about 1½ hours. Done Khon island Sightseeing and Kayaking We kayak into a huge class 1-2 rapid where we are washed downstream into a long section of large whirlpools. These whirlpools have kept people out of the area for centuries so the surrounding forests shelter a surprising variety of wildlife. We continue by Tuk-Tuk to Khone Phapheng Water Fall. At the view point we overlook the Khone Phapheng falls from above. To see the sheer power of water at such close range is staggering. From here, we’ll drive back to Pakse .
Approximately: 3 hours transfer/ 2 hours kayaking / ½ hour boat.

Trip ends at Khone Phapheng, we’ll return to Pakse (approximately 3 hours). You can continue onward to Cambodia. Transfer to the border is included! Contact us for the road tour to Siem Reap.

What to bring:
Hat, sun screen, camera, clothes/shoes to get wet, warm change of clothes for evening, Kayaking in Khone Phaphengmosquito repellent, sleeping bag (optional), sarong for bathing.

Water, English speaking certified rafting guides, river equipment, meals, accommodation and transport


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