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Myanmar is a country of history, culture, and fascination. With our "Best Myanmar Tour Ever", you will experience the greatest Myanmar has to offer with visits to eye-catching pagodas in Yangon, the gravity defying Golden Rock, and experiences with village life around Inle Lake. In this Myanmar tour, you will have a thorough Burmese experience and leave with nothing but the fondest memories of the country... ..
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Day 1: Arrival - Yangon Sightseeing Tour at Reclining Buddha & Pagodas
Day 2: Yangon Sightseeing Tour to Kyaikhtiyo and the Golden Rock
Day 3: Kyaikhtiyo Sightseeing Tour to Bago – Yangon
Day 4: Yangon – Flight to Heho – Inle Lake Sightseeing Tour
Day 5: Inle Lake Sightseeing Tour to Pa-oh village of In Dein
Day 6: Inle Lake – Flight from Heho to Mandalay – Sunset View on Mandalay Hill
Day 7: Mandalay Sightseeing Tour to Amarapura – Ava – Sagaing
Day 8: Mandalay Cruise Tour to Mingun - Optional Biking Tour to Mingun
Day 9: Mandalay Adventure and Sightseeing Tour to Monywa – Powintaung
Day 10: Monywa Sightseeing Tour to Pakkoku – Cruise Trip to Bagan
Day 11: Bagan Sightseeing Tour at Pagodas and Stupas - Sunset View on Terraces
Day 12: Optional Balloon Riding Tour - Bagan Sightseeing Tour Ngat Pyit Taung Monastery - Flight to Yangon
Day 13: Yangon City Tour - Departure

Day 1: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Arrive - Yangon Sightseeing ToursKyaukhtatgyi Pagoda in Yangon - Myanmar Sightseeing Tours

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our Guide who will accompany you as you transfer to the hotel.
Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is a relatively quiet and charming city. Its impressive colonial and spiritual heritage makes it one of the most fascinating cities in Southeast Asia.
This afternoon, your journey begins with a visit around the city and its highlights. Stop at the National Museum where a tour of the priceless ancient artifacts, works of art and historic memorabilia will help you gain insight in to the country’s history. Of particular note are the three halls on the ground floor, which hold exhibits on the evolution the Myanmar alphabet, the Lion Throne Room, and artifacts from the Yatanabon Period. Continue to Kyaukhtatgyi Pagoda, which houses a 70-meter reclining Buddha.
Late this afternoon, visit Shwedagon Pagoda, the most revered Buddhist temple in Myanmar. The central stupa is 90 meters tall and gilded with gold leaf. As the sun begins to set enjoy the breathtaking views of the Pagoda and surrounding skyline before transferring back to your hotel.
Overnight in Yangon.

Optional Visit: The Thiripyitsaya Sky Bistro is perched on the 20th floor of Sakura Tower, overlooking panoramic views of metropolis. From here, one can get the scenic view of Yangon River and the environs. It is fascinating place to visit; one can share the freshness of unforgettable days in Myanmar with their family and friends at home.
Price: 15 US Dollars per person

Day 2: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Yangon Sightseeing Tours to Kyaikhtiyo – Trekking Tours upto Golden Rock ( B/-/- )

Depart Yangon early this morning for a journey by road to Kyaikhtiyo and the Golden Rock The Golden Rock in Kyaikhtiyo - Myanmar Sightseeing Tours. Late morning, arrive at Kyaikhtiyo base camp (approximately 5 hrs). Travel by local, open-air truck along a winding road (45 minutes) where you be dropped off at the junction camp to travel the final distance to Golden Rock on foot. The uphill trek is along a paved trekking path and offers great views of the surrounding area. For an easier alternative, four porters can carry you uphill in a specially-made sedan chair allowing you to enjoy the views without all of the hard work! (extra cost not included)
After about one hour of trekking, reach the Golden Rock. A huge boulder covered by gold leaf and delicately balanced on the edge of a cliff, Golden Rock is one of Myanmar's main pilgrimage sites. The pagoda here is said to hold a hair of the Buddha and Buddhist from across the country come here to pay homage.
Overnight near Golden Rock.

Day 3: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Kyaikhtiyo Sightseeing Tours to Bago – Yangon ( B/-/- )

After breakfast, return to the basecamp by open-air truck and begin the return journey to Yangon. En route, stop in Bago Reclining Buddha in Bago - Myanmar Sightseeing Tours, the capital of the 6th century Mon kingdom.
Your visit in Bago begins at Shwethalyaung Temple which houses a beautiful 55-meter long reclining Buddha. Continue to the Mon-style Shwemawdaw Pagoda, one of the most venerated in Myanmar and whose 114 meter spire is taller than the one at Shwedagon Pagoda. Before departing Bago, visit the well-restored former palace, Kambozathadi, which was the marvel of Asia when it was originally built in the 16th century.
On the way back to Yangon, stop at the Allied War Cemetery near Htaukkyan. This beautiful, peaceful cemetery is the final resting place for over 27,000 Allied soldiers.
Overnight in Yangon.

Day 4: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Yangon – Flight to Heho – Inle Lake Sightseeing Tours at Floating Houses & lakeside villages ( B/-/- )

After early breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the airport for the flight to Heho.
From Heho, a scenic one-hour drive leads to Nyaung Shwe, the gateway village to Inle Lake. Along the way, stop at the wooden Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery which features beautiful carvings and a collection of Buddha images.
Upon reaching the edges of Inle Lake, board a private motorboat to head out to Inle Lake, one of Myanmar’s most spectacular sights. Pass villages built on stilts over the lake, inhabited by the local Intha people. Observe the leg-rowing fishermen and see their floating gardens built up from strips of water hyacinth and mud and anchored to the bottom with bamboo poles. Visit Nga Hpe Chaung Monastery, which houses dozens of Shan Buddha Images, but is more famous for its unique ‘jumping cats’ who jump through hoops in the air! Continue to Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the lake’s main sanctuary, which contains five sacred Buddha images covered in gold leaf.
Explore the local crafts of Inle Lake with a stop at the weaving village of Inpawkhone and a cheroot factory, where the typical Burmese cigars are made by hand. If time permits, there may be time to enjoy a short walk through one of the lakeside villages.
Overnight on Inle Lake.

Day 5: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Inle Lake Sightseeing Tours to Pa-oh village of In Dein – Inle Lake - Cooking class tours ( B/-/- )

Option: Cooking course at Inthar House This half day cooking course is a fun and interesting way to learn about the traditional flavors and preparation techniques of Burmese Cuisine. You will feel at home as your friendly Inntha hosts welcome you in to their household and teach you Leg-Rowing Boat in Inle Lake - Myanmar Sightseeing Tourshow traditional dishes are prepared.
Price: US$ 80 per person (minimum 2 pax)

After breakfast, visit the lake’s morning market. The market rotates its location around the lake’s villages in a 5 day rhythm and is visited by lake inhabitants and surrounding hill tribes who come to sell and trade their wares. (Note: market is daily except on dark moon day and full moon day).
From the middle of the lake, continue down a small canal leading to the Pa-oh village of In Dein. Explore the area on foot, strolling around the village, visiting a local school, and wander through the beautiful Alaung Sitthou area. Here you can climb the covered stairway to the top of a hill which is covered with picturesque ancient stupas and has magnificent views of the lake below.
After enjoying your visit to In Dein, return to your boat. Continue along the lake for additional sightseeing before returning to your hotel this afternoon.
Overnight Inle Lake.

Day 6: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Inle Lake – Flight from Heho to Mandalay – Sunset View on Mandalay Hill ( B/-/- )

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and morning around the Inle Lake before transferring to the Heho Airport this afternoon. After the 1.5 hour flight to Mandalay, you will be transferred to your hotel (approximately 1 hour drive)
Mandalay is the cultural center of Myanmar and its skilled craftsmen once supplied the Royal Court.
After relaxing and freshening up at your hotel, drive to Mandalay Hill to watch the sun set over the city and the Irrawaddy River.
Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 7: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Mandalay Sightseeing Tours to the former Capitals of Amarapura – Ava – Sagaing – Mandalay Culture Tours ( B/-/- )

After breakfast at the hotel, depart for an excursion around Mandalay to explore the former capitals of Amarapura Sunset on Mandalay Hill - Myanmar Sightseeing Tours, Ava and Sagaing.
Begin your morning attending a special ceremony in Amarapura. Witness the alms collection at Mahagandayon monastery, when over one-thousand monks gather to collect their daily meal from the local Buddhists. After this beautiful spectacle, continue to a nearby silk weaving workshop which produces exquisite handmade products. Continue to Ava, the capital from 14th to 18th centuries, and travel by traditional horse and carriage to visit the old wooden Bagaya Monastery and the remains of the town’s Royal Palace and fort.
This afternoon, cross the bridge over the Irrawaddy River to Sagaing. Covered with 600 white-painted pagodas and monasteries, Sagaing Hill is widely regarded as the religious center of Myanmar and is home to 3,000 monks and 100 meditation centers. Visit Swan Oo Pon Nya Shin Pagoda, U Min Thone Sae’ Pagoda and Shin Pin Nan Gyaing Pagoda.
As the sun begins to set, walk along U Bein Bridge for fabulous views. This 200 year-old bridge is constructed entirely from teak and spans over 2 kilometers in length.
Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 8: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Mandalay Boat Trip to Mingun – Mingun Sightseeing Tours at Pagodas and handicraft Villages (Optional Mandalay Biking Tour to Mingun) ( B/-/- )

Option: Biking Tour to Mingun For those seeking a bit of adventure, there is an option today for a cycling tour. Traveling by bike is a unique way to enjoy the natural beauty and observe the local lifestyle of the villagers as you pedal to Mingun. Mingun town - Myanmar Sightseeing ToursPrice: US$ 60 per person (minimum 2 pax)

After breakfast, transfer to the Mandalay jetty and board a private local boat for a 1-hr cruise on the Irrawaddy River to Mingun.
Visit the main sites of Mingun beginning with the famous Mingun Pahtodawqyi. This huge brick structure was left unfinished after an astrologer predicted the King’s would die should the temple be completed. In the 1800s, an earthquake left several large cracks in the structure. Continue your visit at the beautiful white Hsinbyume Pagoda whose distinctive style is meant to resemble the mythical Mount Meru. Then, see the Mingun Bell which weighs 90 tons and is considered the world’s largest uncracked ringing bell.
Return to Mandalay and visit Mahamuni Pagoda. This pagoda is home to one of the country’s most revered Buddha images which, over the years, has been covered with gold leaf giving it an almost ‘lumpy’ texture. Mandalay is well known for its skilled craftsmen and as you tour traditional workshops, you will learn more about the city’s cottage industries. Observe the production of wood carvings, kalaga tapestries, and gold-leaf where the techniques remained unchanged from those used centuries ago to craft items for the Royal Court.
Continue your tour of Mandalay with a visit to Kuthodaw Pagoda, whose 729 marble stone slabs of Buddhist scriptures have earned it the title ‘World’s Biggest Book’. Continue to Shwenandaw Monastery, the only remaining building from the 19th century Royal Palace. This grand teak building is known for its exquisite woodcarving.
Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 9: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Mandalay Sightseeing Tours to Monywa – Po Win Taung – Monywa Discovery Tours at Monasteries ( B/-/- )

This morning, depart Mandalay for a 3-hour drive to Monywa Monywa and Po Win Taung - myanmar Sightseeing Tours, a typical Burmese town on the banks of the Chindwin River.
On the way, visit Thanboddhay Pagoda, a huge Buddhist temple covered with more than 500,000 Buddha images. Also stop at Boditahtaung Pagoda which houses the largest reclining Buddha image in Myanmar, at 100m long and 27m high. This afternoon, cross the Chindwin River by ferry and proceed to Po Win Taung by local open-air jeeps.
This extraordinary complex consists of 947 sandstone caves dug out of the hills and contains what is considered by archaeologists to be the richest collection of mural paintings and Buddhist statues in Southeast Asia.
After visiting Po Win Taung, continue a few hundred meters away to Shwe Ba Taung. Spend time exploring this interesting site where monasteries and temples are carved out rocky narrow cliffs.
Overnight in Monywa.

Day 10: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Monywa Sightseeing Tours to Pakkoku – Downstream Cruise Tour to Bagan -at Wonders of Myanmar ( B/-/- )

Depart Monywa after breakfast and travel along the quiet eastern river bank. This ‘road less traveled’ takes you passed traditional villages where you may see farmers climbing palm trees to extract juice from which they will produce palm tree sugar. Stop at Ah Nyeint, Ah Myint and “Ma U Ah Le” villages for an opportunity to learn more about the lifestyle and culture of the countryside residents.
Then, resume your journey to Pakokku, This town has a rich craftwork tradition and produces handmade goods such as colorful woven blankets, traditional paper toys and traditional sandals Dawn at Bagan Ancient Kingdom - Myanmar Sightseeing Tourscottage industry. Enjoy a short rickshaw ride through town before continuing to the port at Pakkoku.
This afternoon we board a local boat in Pakkoku for a leisurely, two hour cruise downriver to Bagan.
Upon reaching the shores of Bagan, transfer to the hotel.
Overnight in Bagan.

Day 11: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Bagan Sightseeing Tours at Pagodas and Stupas ( B/-/- )

Today explore the wonders of Bagan with a full-day tour. From the 11th to 13th centuries, when Bagan was the capital of Myanmar, the rulers of constructed thousands of huge stupas and temples many of which are still standing today on the banks of the Irrawaddy River. Your journey begins with a visit to the golden stupa of Shwezigon Pagoda for an introduction in to Bagan’s rich history. Then, visit to nearby Wetkyi-In Gubyaukgyi, a cave temple with exquisite jataka mural paintings and the elegant Htilominlo Temple noted for its fine plaster carvings and glazed sandstone decorations.
This afternoon begin with a visit to Ananda Temple, an architectural masterpiece and one of Bagan’s most beautiful temples. Built in the early Mon-style, Ananda contains two unique Buddha images whose expressions seem to change depending on the distance from which the statue is viewed. Neighboring Ananda Okkyaung is one of the few surviving brick monasteries from the early Bagan period and is filled with intricate paintings.
From here, travel by horse cart for a tour passing Thatbyinnyu, the highest temple in Bagan, massive Dhammayangyi Temple, noted for its remarkable brickwork, and Sulamani Temple.
Time permitting, enjoy an unforgettable sunset over the plains from the upper terrace of one of the temples.
Overnight in Bagan.

Day 12: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Bagan Sightseeing Tours - Optional Balloon Riding Tours – Flight to Yangon ( B/-/- )Ngat Pyit Taung Monastery in Bagan - Myanmar Sightseeing Tours

OPTION: Start your morning with a hot-air balloon flight over the plains of Bagan. Enjoy the fabulous views as the sun rises over the stupas and Irrawaddy River. This is truly an unforgettable and unique experience! (Note: available only from October to March) USD 315 per person

After breakfast, transfer to Ngat Pyit Taung Monastery and explore the temple’s caves to observe about local tradition and spiritual beliefs of the Burmese. Then, visit the Monastic Primary School where you can visit with the local children who are studying their lessons. Be greeted by their warm smiles and enjoy playing with and meeting the students. Although friendly and welcoming, the children come from a very underprivileged area and a small donation of cash or school supplies will ensure a brighter future for these students.
This afternoon, continue to the rural village of Minnanthu, one of Bagan’s least visited areas. Here you will explore temples such as Payathonzu, with its unusual architecture and Tantric Buddhism influence, Lemyentha and Nandamannya.
Late this afternoon, transfer to the Nyaung Oo airport for the flight to Yangon. Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel.
Overnight in Yangon.

Day 13: Best Myanmar Tour Ever: Yangon City Tours - Departure ( B/-/- )

Depending on flight time, there is an option to take a ride on Yangon’s Circle Train in the morning.
You will transfer to Yangon Railway station to take local circular train journey to the outskirts of town (45 minutes ride). The slowly traveling train gives you a unique opportunity to observe the lively and colorful life of the rural Burmese people. Disembark to visit Insein market where a Yangon By Night - Myanmar Sightseeing Toursvariety of street vendors sell colorful wares. Enjoy exploring the market and meeting the friendly locals before returning by road to Yangon.
This afternoon, visit Bogyoke Market, formerly known as Scott’s Market, where you can browse through the wide selection of Myanmar handicrafts and other goods before transferring to Yangon International Airport for your onward flight. (Note: Market is closed on Mondays and public holidays)



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=> Please take a note that we are now in a process of updating the cost for this tour & this work will be completed soon after a time. If you need further details on our updated quotes, kindly email us at or directly

Our services include:
•    12 nights accommodation on half twin room basis with daily breakfast
•    English-speaking guide throughout the trip (from Yangon to Yangon) except for 1 pax (station guides – different guide at each place)
•    All transfers and excursions with private air-conditioned vehicles with drivers except in Po Win Daung & Kyaikhtiyo (transfers by open non-air-conditioned vehicles)
•    Horse cart tour in Ava & Bagan
•    Private local boat for Mingun excursion
•    Private local boat from Pakkoku to Bagan
•    Private local boat for Inle Lake excursions
•    Circle Train trip in Yangon
•    Porter fees at airports
•    Entrance fees for the visits mentioned in the program
Our services do not include:
•    International ticket to/from Yangon
•    Domestic flights (rate: please refer to our flight tariffs)
•    Meals other than mentioned (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)
•    Visa arrangements for Myanmar
•    Fuel Surcharge for domestic flights
•    Visits not mentioned in the program
•    Drinks and personal expenses
•    Tips and porters at the hotels
•    International departure Airport Tax Yangon (USD 10/pax at present)
•    Any other items not mentioned
1.Please note that credit cards and traveler cheques are not accepted in Myanmar and that visitors must be bring sufficient cash (best in US Dollars, but Euros also increasingly accepted) to change and make any purchases and payments. Please bring new US Dollar bills ("big heads" instead of "small heads") and with series numbers not starting with CB as these are not accepted in Myanmar due to rumours these series are counterfeit.
2.Furthermore please inform passengers that they should NOT change money at the exchange booth at the airport just after immigration, as the market rate in town is MUCH better.
3.A surcharge might apply for peak season dates (Water Festival 12-18 April, X’Mas, New Year, etc.
4.Travelers to Myanmar are required to have a travel insurance covering the cost of medical evacuation flights.
5.Visas are required by all visitors to Myanmar. A visa must be obtained before entering Myanmar or On Arrival Visa is available at all international airports (Yangon & Mandalay). The visa application form is also available at all international airline linked with Myanmar or on-line. To apply on arrival visa, one must have 2 passport photo (4x6 cm) taken within last 6 months and passport must be valid 6 months after arrival date. For more detail information, please contact us at or directly
6.The schedules of domestic flights in Myanmar are provided as an indication only. Once a booking is confirmed we can provide more precise timings, but these remain nevertheless subject to change without notice by the airlines until travelling date. It might therefore in some cases be necessary to amend your program and itinerary due to such schedule changes. We thank you for your understanding.



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