Tour Destination:
Ha Noi - Duong Lam- Mai Chau-Xa Linh -Son la -Dien Bien Phu - Lai Chau - Muong Te-Sin Ho - Tam Duong - Binh Lu - Sa Pa -Lao Chai, Ta Van village-Bat Xat - Muong Khuong -Bac Ha - Sin Man - Hoang Su Phi- Sa Phin - Lung Cu- Dong Van-Meo Vac- Ha Giang - Cho Ra- Ba Be lake-Cao Bang - Pac Bo caves- Lang Son - Ha Long- Ha Noi
Tour Hightlights:
Travelling on 4 WD car you explore in depth the unequalled northern scenery of the north and see plenty of hill tribe groups living in remote mountainous regions of Muang Te and Sin Ho. This adventurous trip is specially designed for visitors who want to venture into the off beaten track areas from north west to north east of Vietnam and learn the old age culture of mountaineers. The conditions are strenuous but the unique scenery and the rarely seen tribal people are all worthwhile. The cruise in Halong Bay gives you a relaxing time. ..
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Day 1: Arrival - Hanoi
Day 2: Hanoi Full-Day Sightseeing Tour
Day 3: Hanoi Tour to Duong Lam Ancient Village - Mai Chau Valley - Homestay
Day 4: Mai Chau Trekking Tour to Xa Linh - Son La
Day 5: Son La - Dien Bien Phu Sighsteeing Tour
Day 6: Dien Bien Phu Tour to Lai Chau
Day 7: Lai Chau - Muong Te Trekking Tour - Lai Chau
Day 8: Lai Chau - Sin Ho Trekking Tour - Tam Duong
Day 9: Tam Duong - Binh Lu - Tram Ton Pass - Sapa
Day 10: Sapa Trekking Tour to Lao Chai - Ta Van
Day 11: Sapa Adventure Tour to Bat Xat - Lao Cai
Day 12: Lao Cai Tour to Muong Khuong - Bac Ha
Day 13: Bac Ha Adventure Tour to Xin Man - Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang
Day 14: Ha Giang Adventure Tour to Lung Cu - Dong Van
Day 15: Dong Van Trekking Tour to Meo Vac - Ha Giang
Day 16: Ha Giang Adventure Tour to Cho Ra - Ba Be Lake
Day 17: Ba Be Adventure Trekking Tour to Cao Bang
Day 18: Cao Bang - Pac Po Cave - Lang Son
Day 19: Lang Son - Halong Bay - Cruise Tour
Day 20: Halong Bay - Hanoi
Day 21: Hanoi - Departure

Day 1: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour:  Arrival - Ha Noi City Tours (-/-/-)

 On arrival at Noi Bai Airport, you are met by our guide and transferred to hotel. The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is a stylish and gracious city that retains an unique old world charm and some Asia's most striking colonial architecture. The many lakes and parks make for relaxing atmosphere. If time permits we enjoy a cyclo ride through the bustling old quarter streets named after the specific goods once offered for sale at these places. Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi - Vietnam Adventure ToursO/N in Ha Noi.

Day 2: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Hanoi Sightseeing Tours(B/-/-)

 Today we spend a full day exploring Hanoi. The first stop is Ho Chi Minh Complex containing the mausoleum of the nation's founder Ho Chi Minh, the Presidential Palace and the Ho Chi Minh's house on stilts. Close to this complex is the One Pillar Pagoda, whose origins date back to the foundation of city. We follow it with the Temple of Literature, which is well known as the first university of Vietnam, the History Museum with an excellent collection of artifacts illustrating the Vietnamese history and the outlaying Ethnologic Museum. This gleaming mansion is dedicated to Vietnam's 54 ethnic groups. Afterwards we drive back to the town center , stopping at the Tran Quoc Pagoda and Quan Thanh Temple. They are major highlights set by the beautiful West Lake. We see these sights before continuing to the peaceful lake of Hoan Kiem with its sacred temple. In front of this lake is the famous water puppet theatre where we will see a fantastic performance.
O/N in Ha Noi. Duong Lam ancient village - Vietnam Adventure Tours

Day 3: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: HANOI TOUR TO DUONG LAM VILLAGE - MAI CHAU HOMESTAY TOUR (B/L/D)

In the morning, we start from Hanoi to Duong Lam village, a purely agricultural village of the Northern Red River delta where still preserve many hundred-year-old houses. It will be your unique experience as you walk along tiny ancient alleys; visit Mong Phu Communal House in Mong Phu hamlet - the only hamlet whose original village entrance gate remains intact, dedicated to national heroes. Have the opportunity to bike in the village and have some talks with the locals in their ancient houses by visiting the ancient houses of Mr Lam, Mr Ha and Mr Huyen. After that, we continue walking to visit Mia Pagoda (other hamlet in Duong Lam village), is built in 15 th century and admire 287 statues of all sizes, among with are famous sculpture such as the statue of Buddha in the Himalayas and the statues of the Eight Vajra Deities. Then visit Ngo Quyen temple and Phung Hung temple, places dedicated to two national heroes Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung.
Lastly, we will go back a local family to enjoy your special lunch with Vietnamese foods in an ancient house.
At around 14:00, we will keep heading to Mai Chau valley & view sunset behind the hills.Mai Chau valley in Hoa Binh - Vietnam Adventure Tours After dinner in a family, we have the opportunity to take part to a traditional dance show.
O/N at house on stilts in Pom Coong remote village.

Day 4 : Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Mai Chau Trekking Tours To Xa Linh - Son La Package Tours(B/-/-)

Upon leaving Mai Chau we travel by roads to Xa Linh. Once arriving we embark on an easy walk past the stunning mountain backdrop and the various roadside villages, home of the Hmong people. They are almost farmers living from their slash and burn tradition however it is very interesting to learn their old age culture. At the end of the walk we meet with our waiting vehicle and continue driving across the undulating terrains of tea plantations and the many sleepy villages to Son La. Along the way we visit the Black Thai ethnic minorities. They belong to the same Thai ethnic group, but are different from the White Thai in Mai Chau by their tradition and costumes.
O/N in Son La.

Day 5: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Son La History Tours - Dien Bien Phu Sightseeing Tours(B/-/-)

Dien Bien Phu - Vietnam Adventure ToursThe provincial museum and the top hill old prison are some of major sights in Son La Town. We include these in a short morning tour before we make our way past the beautiful mountain scenery. The road conditions are very poor therefore we need to bring along our spirit of adventure until Dien Bien Phu, the site of the decisive battle in Vietnam's struggle for independence in 1954. On arrival in Dien Dien we drive around to see this fast growing town and the Dien Bien Phu Museum which details the event in place. We follow it with a visit to the strategic hill A1 and the old battle field where the lush vegetation grows behind many war relics including old French tanks and artillery pieces.
O/N in Dien Bien Phu.

Day 6: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Dien Bien Phu Tour to Lai Chau - Adventure Trekking Tours (B/-/-)

The impressive expedition continues to Lai Chau Town, a base for exploration of the Lai Chau Province - Vietnam Adventure Tourssurrounding areas. Along the way we encounter the mountaineers going about their daily business. These local villagers are mainly the Red Hmong, Kho Mu, Mang, Dao people who still retain their old age traditions and wear distinctive costumes. Today we have plenty of time to visit the roadside villages and catch the fantastic photographs on our way to Lai Chau. The major activity in this afternoon is a boat trip along the mighty Da River, passing through the stunning mountain landscapes. The pace is very relaxing, a perfect way to observe the local lifestyle close up.
O/N in Lai Chau.

Day 7: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Lai Chau Adventure Tours - Muong Te Trekking Tours - Lai Chau Travel Adventures (B/-/-)

The mountainous areas surrounding Lai Chau Town is inhabited by a wide array of the ethnic minority groups including Thai, Ha Nhi, Cong , Si La , Lao , Lu and La Hu People. They have settled there longtime ago and made for the main local population. Heading out of town Muong Te's minorities in Lai Chau - Vietnam Adventure Tours we venture into the upstream of the Da River with the next stop being Muang Te. The road conditions are very poor; however the verdant and rugged mountain scenery combined with the colorful local population makes the hardship all worthwhile. En route we stop at some seldom visited villages of Ha Nhi, Cong and Si La people and are sure to attract their attention as this part of the country receive very few visitors.
O/N in Lai Chau.

Day 8: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Lai Chau Package Tours - Sin Ho - Tam Duong Travel Packages (B/-/-)

Today we continually wind our way though a high mountainous region to Sin Ho for an interesting exploration of the Red Hmong, Kho Mu and Dao people. These ethnic minorities are almost farmers living from their slash and burn tradition and even speak a different language but our guide are on hand to help you ask questions. The overland trip to Sin Ho is occasionally suspended due to the restriction of the local authority or road conditions especially in wet season. Upon leaving Sin Ho we follow the local tracks to Tam Duong. This small hill town is surrounded by the breathtaking mountain backdrop and frequently Binh Lu - Tam Duong - Vietnam Adventure Toursvisited by the ethnic minority people.
O/N in Tam Duong.

Day 9: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Tam Duong Adventure Tour To Binh Lu - Sapa Aventure Trekking Tours (B/-/-)

The breathtaking north scenery is unequalled although the conditions are very basic. We travel along a zigzag road past many charming villages to Sa Pa. En route we make several stops to visit the Lao and Lu people. These tribal groups have originally settled in remote terrains therefore it may involve some walks to visit their villages. The hill station of Sa Pa was founded in early last century and rapidly became an ideal place for anyone seeking an enjoyable escape from the unbearable heat in plains. At an elevation of 1,500 meters, it has some warm days and cool evenings. After checking into hotel you can soak up the fresh climate as much as you want by spending the time to wander around and catch the first look of this hill station.
O/N in Sa Pa.

Day 10: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Sa Pa Trekking Tours to Lao Chai & Ta Van Villages (B/-/-)

The mountain range of Phan Si Pan boasts Vietnam's highest peak and lends an alpine feel toLao Chai + Ta Van Villages - Vietnam Adventure Tours the area surrounding this hill station. Today we visit the bustling Sa Pa Market where the Red Dao, Black Hmong, Tay and Xa Pho ethnic minorities converge from the nearby mountainsides and valleys to trade their goods and buy provisions. Upon leaving Sa Pa Town we embark on a walk, using the local tracks to Lao Chai village, home of the Black H'Mong people. The footpath traverses some terraced rice fields, giving us a chance to see the local villagers doing their daily works such as logging, herding buffalo and tilling the field. We arrive at Ta Van hamlet and visit the Zay ethnic minorities who are very friendly and welcoming.
O/N in Sa Pa.

Day 11: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Sapa Adventure Tours - Bat Xat - Lao Cai (B/-/-)

Heading out of town we wind our way towards Bat Xat. The weather is rather cool in place therefore we should bring enough warm clothes. We arrives in Bat Xat after two hour drive and enjoy a rough walk to explore some off road hamlets which are usually littered with mountainsides and terrace rice fields. These villages are populated by the Phu La, Dao and Giay ethnic minorities who are very poor, but have an interesting local culture and a colorful  Bat Xat village in Sapa - Vietnam Adventure Tourshistory. Today we have plenty of time to explore these rarely seen areas before travelling to Lao Cai. This fast growing border town has not much to see but it is still a necessary stop for next day activities.
O/N in Lao Cai.

Day 12: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Lao Cai Adventure Tours - Muong Khuong - Bac Ha ( Sunday) (B/-/-)

The following destination of our trip is Muong Khuong. This remote hill town is famous for the colourful Sunday market. There are various ethnic minority groups including Dao, Phu La, La Chi and Tay but the dominants are the Flower Hmong people. These ethnic minorities are recognisably distinct by their dress and come in town for trade on every Sunday. On arrival we stroll around this colourful congregation to see the different hill tribe groups and their amazing trading way. Upon leaving Muang Khuong we continue our journey to Bac Ha and spend the rest of day for some trekking options. There are several footpaths but we walk from Hmong King's former residence through some corn fields to Ban Pho village where they make the potent local maize alcohol.
O/N in Bac Ha.  Bac Ha market in Sapa - Vietnam Adventure Tours 

Day 13 : Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Bac Ha - Sin Man - Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang Adventure Tours (B/-/-)

Upon leaving Bac Ha we begin our overland adventure to Ha Giang Town. This day is a real challenge as we travel along a winding road with many uphill and down hill drives but views of terraced rice fields littered with rustic houses are nothing short of spectacular. The local tracks pass by Can Cau before crossing over a pass and dropping down to Sin Man Town. En route we encounter the Nung Ing, Tay, Red Dao and La Chi people. They are just some of the many hill tribe groups who have settled in Sin Man and Hoang Su Phi regions. The thrilling drive will deliver us to Ha Giang Town by mid or late afternoon depending on road and traffic conditions.
O/N in Ha Giang.

Day 14:  Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Ha Giang Adventure Tours - Sa Phin - Lung Cu - Dong Van Travel Packages(B/-/-)

The exciting expedition continues to Dong Van, a land of rugged mountains and beautiful hill villages. They are unchanged for centuries despite the modern comfort spreading out in delta region. Today we mainly drive uphill through Quang Ba and Yen Minh to Dong Van stone  Lung Cu in Ha Giang - Vietnam Adventure Toursplateau. The former royal house of Hmong King at Sa Phin is a main attraction in place. This stone mansion reflects an interesting history of the Hmong people. We visit the royal house before we set forth to conquer the northernmost tip of Vietnam. On arrival in Luang Cu we stroll around the charming villages of Lo Lo and Hmong minority people. The blend of stunning scenery and colourful local population makes this day an unforgettable experience.
O/N in Dong Van.

Day 15: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Dong Van Package Tours - Meo Vac - Ha Giang Travel Packages (B/-/-)

The remoteness and the simple lifestyle of ethnic minorities are a highlight of our expedition although the conditions are very basic. Upon leaving Dong Van Town we embark on a drive along a zigzag road to towards Meo Vac. This secluded mountainous area is conquered by the Lo Lo, Hmong, Dao and Pu Peo people who generally come down to trade their goods and buy provisions on one day of the week. These ethnic minority groups are almost living in Dong Van Stone Plateau in Ha Giang - Vietnam Adventure Tours high mountainsides therefore it may involve a hard walk to see their villages. Once arriving in Meo Vac we walk around to see the town center and travel by roads via Yen Minh to Ha Giang, using the short cut.
O/N in Ha Giang. (B)

Day 16: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Ha Giang - Cho Ra - Ba Be Lakes (B/-/-)

An early morning start to drive towards Ba Be National Park. These back roads are a great way to explore the real Vietnam. We see very few other travellers, mostly rural dwellers who are just as interested in finding out about our lives as we are of theirs. There are several stops en route to visit the Hmong, Red Dao, Dao Tien and Tay ethnic minorities in Bac Me, Bao Lam, Bao Lac, Tinh Tuc and catch some wonderful photographs. The overland trip from Ha Giang to Ba Be is very long and difficult at times especially in wet season therefore we need to bring along our spirit of adventure.
O/N at Cho Ra mini hotel..

Day 17: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Ba Be Lakes Adventure Travel Packages to Cao Bang (B/-/-)

Ba Be Lake - Vietnam Adventure ToursThe wonderful relaxing time begins as we board a boat in Cho Ra and cruise along the tranquil Nang River down to the scenic Ba Be lakes. This legendary lake is just one continuous water body although the name means "three lakes". Along the way we make some stops to visit the Poung Cave, the Tay hill tribe villages, the primitive jungle and the scenic Dau Dang Waterfall. Upon leaving this sight we cross the main lake towards the boat pier. Here we meet up with our vehicle and travel along a winding road to Cao Bang past the spectacular mountain backdrops.
O/N in Cao Bang.

Day 18: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Cao Bang - Pac Po Caves - Lang Son (B/-/-)

Heading out of town we make our way north to Pac Po Cave. This famous history site was once the headquarter for the August Vietnamese Revolution in 1945. We visit this spectacular setting of stream and cave before we spend a half day traveling to Lang Son past the many charming villages and the tranquil town of Dong Khe and That Khe. They are some  Pac Bo cave in Cao Bang - Vietnam Adventure Tourshistorical vestiges of the war time. The thrilling drive will deliver us to Lang Son by late afternoon. This border town had been all destroyed during the recent Sino - Vietnamese war, but was rebuilt to become an important trade center in north eastern region.
O/N in Lang Son.

Day 19: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Lang Son - Ha Long Cruise Tours (B/-/-)

The lively central market and the legendary Tam Thanh Cave are some major sights in Lang Son Town. We include these in a short morning tour before we depart for Halong Bay. The road conditions are poor in some places but it is still a wonderful trip for photograph hunters as we pass through the rolling hills, charming villages and lush vegetation. The spectacular landscape changing from the mountain region to the costal plains boasts one of the best scenes in Asia. Along the way we venture into local tracks some times to see the Tay, Nung and San Diu hill tribe people and are sure to attract their attention as this part of the country receive very few visitors. On arrival in Halong we spend the rest of day to relax by the beach.
O/N in Ha Long. Ha Long Bay - Vietnam Adventure Tours

Day 20: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Ha Long Cruise Tours - Hanoi (B/L/-)

The legendary Halong Bay is truly one of Vietnam's most impressive scenic sights. We embark a traditional boat for a five hour trip around Halong Bay. This exciting cruise provides us a fantastic view of the picturesque scenery blending with the sky and some 3,000 limestone islands rising amazingly from the clear and emerald water. These limestone karst formations are littered with beaches, grottoes and beautiful caves. Along the way we will anchor for a leisurely swim in a secluded cove and an enjoyable visit to one of the many hidden grottoes beneath towering cliffs. We round off our excursion with a seafood lunch served on board and make our way back to Ha Noi, stopping en route to see Dong Trieu pottery village.
O/N in Ha Noi.

Day 21: Vietnam Northern Adventure and Trekking Tour: Hanoi - Departure  (B)

There is a free time to relax and further explore Ha Noi. The trip ends after your transfer to  temple of literature in hanoi - Vietnam Adventure ToursNoi Bai Airport for departure.





---End of services---

•    Accommodation in hotels, guesthouses (twin shared room), village huts
•    Transportation in private air-conditioned vehicle in Delta & 4 WD in mountainous areas
•    English or French speaking guide and local guide for trekking
•    Meals as mentioned: B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner
•    Entrance fee to indicated sights
•    Water puppet show
•    Permit for trekking
•    Boat trips in BaBe, Lai Chau & Halong
•    Traditional dancing performance in Mai Chau
•    Pure bottled water & wipes

Other meals, tip, drinks, airport tax, single room, personal expenses, insurance...


Viet Nam is a developing country whose infrastructure may differ from what you expect in your homeland. Road conditions are poor and accommodation may be basic in mountain region.

Good weather for trek from September until June. We recommend you to bring rain jacket, inner sleeping sheets, walking boots, warm clothes, lamp torch, and toilet papers.

Occasionally, this itinerary may be amended for reasons beyond our control such as weather and roads conditions.


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