27-hole golf course opens in Binh Duong

After a year of operative with 18 holes, the 27-hole golf bed Correspond Doves last Weekday was officially unsealed in Thu Dau Mot Townsfolk, Binh Duong ResponsibilityVietnam golf by Phu My Use Stick Lumber Co.

Hong Bang Chul, chairman of Twin Doves Golf Club, said the completion and opening of the facility marked the next stage of development of the exciting long-term project.

The Twin Doves Golf Club and Resort project, covering 165 hectares in the 4,200-hectare new urban area of Binh Duong, is developed by the joint venture between Binh Duong Corporation of Manufacturing and Export-Import and two South Korean partners namely Seoul Electronic Distribution and Electroland. Around US$80 million of the total budget of US$250 million has been invested already.

In addition to the 27-hole course, the project includes other portfolios such as a five-star hotel, convention center, international school, around 200 high-grade villas and 2,000 residential apartments.

Mai Van Nghia, deputy general director of Phu My Co., said 12 model villas would commence construction next year.

Twin Doves golf course will operate under the model of a private members’ club, which means it is only open to members.

Nghia said the course targeted to sell 600 membership cards worth US$60,000 each. At present, around 200 cards have been sold.

Twin Doves golf course was the 31st golf course opened in Vietnam, according to the Vietnam Golf Association.

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