Airlines clear the way for tourism to develop

The outbound tours would be statesman heterogenous and much handy in the close gathering, when a lot of municipal and tramontane airlines are provision to agaze newAirline air routes from Annam to exotic countries, offering ample airfares.

In the late, steering firms ever were the ones who explored and developed new routes and then discusses with airlines to hear out the top airfares, which allowed to organization the tours with agonistic journeying fees. However, the roles soul been interchanged as airlines themselves act as the progressive parties, who walk frontwards and suggest cooperation with guidance firms to draw writer travelers.

When airlines go ahead

In early November 2011, Vietnam Airlines, the national flag air carrier, cooperated with South Korean Arirang travel firm to bring representatives of leading HCM City-based travel firms to the new destinations on the itinerary from Busan to Seoul. In the immediate time, travel firms can design the tours for the travelers who want to enjoy the winter in the land of gimchi with skiing areas, warm indoor water parks, amusement park Lotte World. After that, from next year, many other tours would be designed for different seasons of the year.

In the winter flight schedule, Vietnam Airlines has decided to provide direct flights from Vietnam to London in the UK from December 8, 2011. The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism VNAT is building up a promotion campaign to support domestic travel firms to grab the opportunities to attract British travelers.

Not only the domestic Vietnam Airlines, foreign air carriers have also paved the way for the cooperation between airlines and travel firms. The representative of Air Mauritius in November carried out a survey and discussed with partners, so that it can introduce clients to Vietnamese travel firms.

In order to encourage Vietnamese travel firms to learn about Mauritius, an island in Indian Ocean which remains unfamiliar to Vietnamese people, the air carrier has decided to offer preferential airfares until December 31, 2011.

Meanwhile, the office of Air Mauritius in Vietnam has been authorized to follow procedures to grant visas to Vietnamese travelers. Just five days after receiving lawful documents for applying for visas, people would get visas after paying the fee of 30 dollars.

Travel firms believe that once the tours to Mauritius are designed, they would attract a lot of Vietnamese travelers. Mauritius is warm all year round, many beautiful beaches, waterfall rapids, hills, colorful land, and a lot of beautiful landscapes created by volcanic activities.

The way for development widened

Jet Airways can see the opportunities to attract the clients who travel between Vietnam and India, which has prompted it to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Vietnam Airline in October, which prepared the way to open a direct air route between the two countries.

While waiting for the direct air route to be opened, Jet Airways has offered the special airfares for return tickets for the year-end season. The passengers who fly from Vietnam to India, only have to pay 381 dollars, and if counting on the taxes, the sums of money passengers have to pay are still lower than the airfares set up by other airlines.

Nguyen Ngoc Nhien, Deputy Director of Vector Aviation, the general booking agent of Jet Airways in Vietnam, said that with the reasonable airfares and the network of more than 50 destination points of Jet Airways’ network, it would be easy for travel firms to organize tours.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Thanh Hai from Fiditour said he pays a special attention to the fact that Aerosvit Airlines will provide direct flights from HCM City to Kiev from December 23, 2011. The air carrier, with 70 destination points, would allow passengers to travel to many countries in the world, which can create favorable conditions for travel firms to design the tours to Europe.

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