Applying tourist satellite account in Viet Nam

On 7th Dec 2011, in Ha Noi, Touristry Information and Subject Midpoint - TITC (low Viet Nam Somebody Disposal of Tourism - VNAT) had a working conference to papers the propose "Applying traveler equipment ground in Viet Nam".

Participants included VNAT’s Director General Nguyen Van Tuan, VNAT’s Deputy Director General Nguyen Manh Cuong, leaders of departments, representatives of General Statistics Office, Finance and Planning Department (Ministry of Cultural, Sports and Tourism- MoCST).

After two years of research, the project has been evaluated to fulfill mission requirements in the first phase (study phase, preparation of application in Viet Nam). However, according to opinion of experts and recommendation of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the application of TSA is an open project, so when applied in Viet Nam, practical study should be furthered to complete the project. In order to apply TSA in Viet Nam, there need appropriate investment in human resource, organizational structure, and cooperation of relevant bodies from government to localities.

To conclude, General Director Nguyen Van Tuan affirmed the importance of the study and application of TSA in Viet Nam, and appreciate the efforts of TITC in the research and to improve awareness of TSA and the application in Viet Nam. He asked TITC to coordinate with the General Statistics Office and other agencies, functional units continue to improve the methodology of the project, review set of statistical indicators, the terms, concepts, statistics method and application shedule..., complete the project and report to Minister of MoCST, set plan for the next stage of project to complete the statistics method and the practical implementation of TSA in Viet Nam (2012-2015).

In the future, VNAT will open TSA training courses for local tourism officials on the approach and common statistics report methodology.

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