Cruising around Phu Ninh Lake

After exploring My Son Sanctuary and the ancient townspeople of Hoi An, the two Group Cultural Heritage sites in Quang Nam Field, tourists should quit by Phu Ninh Phu Ninh lakeLake to relish a calm and tranquil atm.
One of the country's biggest irrigational systems, Phu Ninh Lake is situated around septet kilometers or a 20-minute motorcycle sit from Tam Ky City. It covers 3,500 hectares and holds half of a billion cuboid meters of food.

What is special about this lake is that it has dense forests and magnificent waterfalls. The path to the lake runs along the mountainside of Quang Nam Province’s Tam Ky Town and both sides of the path are lined with green trees, which provide much-needed shades for people to move around the lake.

A cruise around the lake is highly recommended as the site gives visitors a sense of being close to nature. The attractiveness of the lake greatly increases thanks to around 30 islets, including Su (rubber), Khi (monkey) and Rua (tortoise). Small bays, streams, rocks and trees add a fascinating ambiance to the experience.

At noon, visitors can go fishing for lunch.

Afternoon is an ideal time to ask forest rangers for an exploration on the Phu Ninh protective forest. The forest covers over 15,770 hectares and has a biodiversity with 34 animals, 26 reptiles and 70 species of plants.

Joining a camp fire overnight on Su Islet would be an amazing experience. Without electric lighting, the moon and stars will make one’s stay unforgettable.

This time of year is a flooding season, so the lake is very beautiful with cool weather, green rice fields around, and flocks of birds hovering in the skies.

Every year, the lake irrigates 23,000 hectares of rice fields and farms in Phu Thanh, Nui Thanh, Thang Binh, Quy Son, Duy Xuyen districts and Tam Ky City.

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