Ha Long Bay wonder makes Vietnamese businessmen excited

The Asiatic job roundabout has geared up to ready to grab the new opportunities to be brought when Ha Far Bay has been recognised as one of the heptad new wonders ofHalong_Bay Vietnam the earth. Experts human urged direction agencies to equate up interminable point development project to effectively utilize the wonderful landscape.

More travelers to come to Ha Long

An officer of the Tuan Chau tourism complex in Quang Ninh province said that the bosses asked their staff to send messages to vote for Ha Long bay as the new wonder of the world. Dao Hong Tuyen, a well known businessman in Vietnam, and his staff spent one day in a whole to make and send messages. This can show how high hopes the businessmen put on the title of the new wonder of the world.

Ha Long, which has been two times officially recognized as the world’s heritages, is now a famous tourism destination of Vietnam, where a lot of tourism complex projects have been arisen, including the Tuan Chau International Tourism and Recreation Complex, Mandaville Ha Long, The Bayview Tower and the 19-storey apartment tower, Metro Ha Long hyperlink and golf courses. Businessmen better understand than any one about the positive impacts that the title “new wonder of the world” can bring.

Director of a travel firm said that with the new title, Ha Long Bay will have more opportunities to attract more travelers, especially foreign ones. Foreign media will introduce Ha Long to the international audience as one of the new wonders of the world, which will make people know more about Ha Long and encourage them to fly to Vietnam to see the wonder with their eyes. Meanwhile, travel firms will have the opportunities to design new tours to the Ha Long bay.

The businessman also said that it is necessary to take actions right now to preserve the wonderful beauty endowed to Ha Long bay by the nature.

Don’t miss the great opportunity

It is clear that the title of the new wonder of the world will bring great business opportunities. However, the opportunities may be missed if businesses do not follow reasonable plans to grab them.

Analysts recalled the bombing in Bali in 2002, which frightened a lot of international tourists and many travelers then refused to come there in the next years. However, Vietnam could not attract travelers to the country as the alternative destination, even though the political stability and safety are always the big advantages of Vietnam.Halong Vietnam

The prolonged floods in Thailand have forced a lot of international tourists to change their itineraries. However, Vietnam has been doing nothing to lure travelers to the country. In fact, Vietnamese businesses well understand that the opportunities are coming, but they cannot do anything to turn the opportunities realistic.

Travel firms all say that relevant ministries and branches, and the community all need to join the campaign to develop the Ha Long bay and the tourism industry, while this is not the story of Ha Long Bay or Quang Ninh province alone.

They said that one of the most urgent tasks is to upgrade the road that links Noi Bai airport and Ha Long Bay to make it easier to travel on and safer. It would be better if there are many things to admire, to purchase and to enjoy on the road, which allows travelers to avoid insipid hours on the road.

They also said that Vietnam should not let complicated procedures to discourage foreign travelers. Besides, there are also many things to be done to satisfy the diversified requirements of travelers. They do not want to come to Ha Long bay and stay there for one week just to admire the beauty of the bay, but they need to enjoy other services during their trips.

Quang Ninh received 1.7 million travelers in the first nine months of 2011, while Disneyland in Hong Kong attracted one million visitors just within 2.5 months since the opening day. This shows the importance of modern works in attracting travelers.

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