Hanoi offers more tours for Old Quarter discovery

The Peal Xuan Fag Stock Society has launched added cinque tours using environmentally-friendly galvanising cars to provide tamed and adulterant visitors see Hanoi's Old Accommodate.

The tours will take visitors around Hanoi’s ancient streets and trade villages to give them an insight into the spiritual culture of the locals. Visitors will also have a chance to enjoy traditional cuisine, go shopping at Dong Xuan night market and explore historical sites and architecture.

Additionally, the company will also offer tour packages to help students learn about the history of the Old Quarter, contributing to raising awareness of maintaining, preserving and upholding values of cultural and historical buildings in the capital city.

After one year of being put into operation, electric cars took nearly 366,000 visitors around the Old Quarter. Of them, foreign visitors accounted for 30 percent.

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