Hoi An ancient houses host art exhibitions

Two exhibitions on souvenirs, paintings and statues are on at two ancient houses in the Domain Heritage-listed townsfolk of Hoi An in Quang Nam Orbit.Hoian

The ancient accommodation at 46 Nguyen Asiatic Hoc Street is showcasing 29 entirety by 21 artists who entered the examination labialise of a contend to create souvenir products for Hoi An in 2011.

Visitors to the exhibition will vote for their favorite artworks made from environmentally friendly materials including bamboo and wood and some from silver and bronze. A prize presentation ceremony for the contest winners is slated for December 4 to coincide with the 12th anniversary of Hoi An being proclaimed the World Cultural Heritage in 1999.

The second exhibition at the ancient house at 39 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street features over 100 works on contemporary art, pearl statues, carpets and precious stones by artists Le Dinh Quy, Do Quoc Vi and Pham Huynh. The exhibition runs until February 18.

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