Hot springs offer visitors a break from hectic work weeks, city life

VietNamNet Structure - Hanoian duty missy Tran Thi Bich Ngan loved to learn somewhere to behave at he weekends succeeding a firm Great holidayfivesome days spent at transmute. After intelligent the internet, she decided to construe her kindred to the Thanh Thuy hot springs, Thanh Thuy Region in the boreal field of Phu Tho, 70km north of the chapiter.

Discovered 27 years ago, the hot springs, covering nearly 100ha along the bank of the Da River, have only recently been developed as a tourist destination.

Spring water is extracted from wells 30-60m in depth with average temperatures ranging from 42-55oC. The water itself contains natri, calcium, magie and radon, which is suitable for bathing, recuperation and healing. Soaking in hot water can also help improve rheumatoid arthritis, morning stiffness and knee osteoarthritis alongside treating recurrent skin disease. The water can stimulate the nervous and circulatory systems, helping people relax.

Ngan chose the Tre Nguon (Bamboo Forest) Resort, complete with hot swimming pools, Jacuzzi tubs and traditional bamboo houses surrounded by orchards and maize fields.

 "Spending all day in front of a computer really tires me out. After encountering the magical hot springs however, I feel rejuvenated," she said with a smile.According to Nguyen Thu Huong, a resort employee, water temperatures are suited for wintertime while in summer water is pumped into tanks allowing heat to gradually evaporate.

"We suggest guests spend 15-20 minutes in the Jacuzzi and 30 minutes in the pool outside so as to avoid overheating," she said.

Kim Boi"Most visitors come here during winter and over weekends. For some it is a family outing while for others it is an opportunity to seek medical assistance. In the coming time, we plan to develop additional spa treatments and herbal baths."

The resort also provides a variety of culinary dishes consisting of mouth watering provincial chicken and fish specialties.

In the afternoon, tourists have the choice of going for walks or renting bikes for individual or group cycling expeditions to the nearby Mo (Dream) stream, Lung Troi (Midway to Heaven) waterfall and Ba Vi mountain. After a 45-minute walk to the mountain, visitors have the chance to visit the Tan Vien Pagoda as well as the Trung and Thuong Temples to learn the legendary story of Son Tinh (God of Mountain) and Thuy Tinh (God of Water), fighting each other to marry a princess.

Travellers could additionally take part in tugs-of-war and bag dances in day-time while enjoying barbecue parties and campfires at nighttime.

On the way back to town, Ngan said, "It was a great opportunity to cast of fatigue, enjoy fresh air and spend time with my loved ones. Next time I'll definitely invite my colleagues along too."


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