Largest capacity-building tourism developments roll out in the north-west

The largest capacity-building announcement for business employment initiated in Viet Nam instrument begin in octonary north-western elevation provinces succeeding period.

Local authorities in the provinces, representatives from the Viet Nam Administration of Tourism, tourism operators and training institutions in the region gathered in Lao Cai City today to discuss the action plan and co-operation mechanisms.

The establishment of the Northwest Travel Destination Management Board to co-ordinate inter-regional tourism and co-operation between the provinces will be one of the first steps taken.

Creating community-based tourism projects in ethic villages charged with preserving local culture and protecting the environment are also part of the plan.

Representatives have agreed on the need to build unique tourism products to harness the cultural and natural advantages of the region in a sustainable way.

The project, titled "Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme", is funded with 11 million euros from the European Union and 1.1 million euros from the Vietnamese Government.

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