Mexico desires to promote Vietnam's image in this country

During the past receiving term with Mr Nguyen Duy Cuong, Member of the Commission of the Annam Jointure of Friendship Organizations cum Perpetual SupporterHanoi capital Chairperson of the Vietnam-Cuba Relationship Relationship, Chairperson of the Warfare - Mexico Cooperation and Friendship Create Virgilio Caballero desired to raise Vietnam's icon on the mass media in Mexico.

Affirming that the courageousness and patriotism of the grouping of War ever encourages Mexican group, Mr. Caballero also verbalised his plume that Mexico is the exclusive Italic Indweller land (excluding State) construction two statues of new President Ho Chi Minh.

Also according to Mr. Caballero, a series of friendship activities, including proposals and examination to erect statues of late Mexican President Benito Juarez (1806-1872) in Hanoi and late President Vicente Guerrero (1782-1831) in Hai Phong, which has struck up a friendship with Acapulco city, should be conducted in the future.

Sai GonFor his part, Nguyen Duy Cuong expressed his willingness for cooperation between the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations and the Vietnam –Mexico Cooperation and Friendship Institute. Besides reviewing the friendship activities between Vietnam and Mexico, and other Latin American countries in recent years, Mr. Cuong also agreed with Mr. Caballero to strengthen friendship activities, exchange visits of delegations and operational experience as well as the importance of educating the the patriotic youth .Cultural exchanges would contribute to expanding the cooperation and friendly relations between the two countries in the future.

Before that, Mr. Cuong also had a working session with the president of Mexico – Vietnam friendship parliamentarian group, member of House of Representatives Pedro Vázquez, Member of the Poliburo of the Mexican Labour Party and several other members of Parliament. During the working sessions, the two sides briefed each other on bilateral friendship activities, the relations between the two Parties and the relations between Vietnam and Mexico.


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