Secluded natural beauty offers new destination in Quang Binh

If you deprivation to stupefy the confusion of the municipality, Nuoc Mooc course in Phuc Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, in the middle area of Quang Binh, is anNuoc Mooc Stream in Quang Binh apotheosis area of innate exemplar.

Length from Peal Hoi Metropolis in Quang Binh northwesterly along Ho Chi Minh Road then actress after the T-junction of Khe Gat, and there the ecologic touristry computer of Nuoc Mooc run lies.

The flowing connects with the Chay River which flows finished Phong Nha Ke Thrill Mortal Park.

A wooden house on stilts situated amongst an imposing range of limestone mountains welcomes you to Nuoc Mooc stream. After a preliminarily introduction to the stream and area, visitors follow the guide to the valley.

Taking the first few footsteps, you will be shocked by the beautiful landscape: thousands of stones worn down by time piled high upon each other.

The stream runs around a dense limestone forest, which is home to many species of birds, insects and animals, as well as a rich diversity of orchids, ferns and trees.

Tourists should be prepared to stroll through the dense groves, discover the wildlife and wade in the cool water.

"This place keeps the wild beauty of nature. The air is completely pure and fresh. The peaceful and quiet place makes the stones on the way to Mooc waterfall and the forest around look more mysterious," said Nguyen Nam Cuong, a visitor from the northern province of Nam Dinh.

Nuoc Mooc stream includes many smaller ones that branch off from the mountains. They mix and tangle around one another, winding and finally flowing down into the Chay River. After just over 30 minutes of walking, tourists can be inspecting the various colours and shapes of pebbles lining the stream.

After the hike to the stream, visitors may want a rest. Laying back on a hammock is a great way to view the colourful butterflies that seem to greet tourists to the wild place. The sound of wind amid the flow of the stream and birdsongs creates a lovely concert of nature.

The rocks under the shade of green trees is a nice place to eat some food, relax and capture the quiet, poetic surroundings.

Nuoc Mooc stream's water is clear and cool, equipped with a natural swimming area at the intersection of the Chay River.Nuoc Mooc Stream photo

"It is very exciting to enter the forests, listen to birds or dip into the cool current of water on a nice day at Mooc stream," said 35-year-old Cuong.

Mooc stream is the start of a great underground river inside in Phong Nha - Ke Bang cave. If you follow each small course of the stream, you discover that they morph into three great springs that creep into rocky mountains and then disappear.

According to Cuong, Nuoc Mooc stream is really an ideal place to fish. There are various kinds of fish here, such as hemibagrus, carp, goby as well as different kinds of shrimp and crab.

"It is wonderful to fish in a clear stream in a peaceful space. It's a wonderful opportunity to escape your worries for a while," Cuong said.

After fishing, it's time to cook the fish. Steamed fish meat is very sweet-smelling and delicious if you eat it with salt and green pepper.

After discovering the stream, you should take a kayak trip on the Chay River to visit the mysterious dark caves and magnificent mountains.

Add this new destination to your travel plans: Nuoc Mooc stream at the Quang Binh point of arrival, alongside Ngang Pass, Nhat Le Beach and the world wonder of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

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