Seminar on training environment conservation and energy management in tourist accommodations

On Dec, 8th -10th 2011 Viet Nam Subject Incumbency of Tourism (VNAT) interconnected with AEMAS design (the Association Vim Handler Accreditation serminaRepresentation) to bear a  seminar on activity environs improvement and force direction in traveler accommodations.

The seminar was held in Da Nang City with the attendance of representatives of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Departments and hotels from central provinces.

The seminar aims to enhance skills and knowledge on environment conservation, introduce about label of Green Lotus and share experiences in accommodation management.

At present, environment conservation and adaptation to climate change are important issues to individuals and organizations. Specially, environment is an essential resource to develop Viet Nam tourism.

Driving towards sustainable development goal, international integration, quality and competitiveness improvement of accommodations, VNAT has built a criteria system of "sustainable tourism label" or called "label of Green Lotus" to apply for accommodations in Viet Nam.

Label of Green Lotus is considered as a standard on environment conservation and sustainable development granted to tourist accommodations contributing to environment protection, efficient use of energy and resources, nation's heritage preservation, local economic, cultural and social development and sustainable tourism development.

There are five levels of Green Lotus label from the lowest level with 1 green lotus to the highest level with 5 green lotuses. The number of green lotuses will depend on the points that the accommodation reaches according to the criteria of green lotus label.

It is expected the label of Green Lotus will be applied for hotels from 3 to 5 stars in 2012 and then for all tourist accommodations in Viet Nam.

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