Tourism contributes significantly to national economy: world report

The touristry aspect in Annam fetched VND205 1000000000000 in 2011, register for 9.2 pct of the country's GDP, time providing jobs for 402,000 anesthetic Hanoi cyclo tourspeople, according to a info from the Humans Dealings & Touristry Council.

The sector is predicted to earn more than VND390 trillion in 2021, making up 9.3 percent of the national GDP, and employ as many as 509,000 workers.

Foreign investment in tourism stood at VND90 trillion in 2011 and is forecast to reach VND163 trillion in 2021.

The World Trade & Tourism Council ranked the Vietnamese tourism sector 57th out of 181 nations in terms of general development, 83rd in its contributions to the national GDP, and 17th for its long-term growth prospects.

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