Tourism industry can still grow up in 2012

                Travel companies still believe that revenue of tourism industry will remain highly although the world economy continued difficulties in 2012 after harvesting a bountiful crop last Tet holiday.


In economic difficulties, tourism relating sectors can live well

Though travel firms made a fat profit last Tet holiday, analysts believe that the tourism sector would not see a higher growth rate in 2012, because people would have to fasten their belt amid the forecasts about economic difficulties.

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism VNAT proves to be reserved when setting modest targets for 2012: receiving 6.5 million foreign tourists, up by 8.3 percent over 2011, and serving 32 million domestic travelers, up by 6.67 percent over 2011.

However, service providers do not think that way. Vo Quoc Khang, the owner of a shop of cars for rent in Bien Hoa City keeps optimistic about his business in 2012. 

“Local residents in the city now like traveling more than going to cinema. They would go traveling if they have one or two days off work. Therefore, I think that carrying travelers would bring good income to me in 2012,” he said.

Khang said that he uses the cars to carry students to schools and from schools every day. Meanwhile, on the weekends, he usually receives orders to carry travelers.

On Van Le, a taxi driver of Hoang Long taxi firm – Phu Quoc Island, has also said that the works within seven months would bring the revenue high enough to cover the expenses for the remaining rainy months. Airlines are considering providing more flights to Phu Quoc. Not only travelers who go under the tours booked with travel firms, but separated travelers also go to the island, who would be the potential clients for taxi drivers.

A representative of Phu Quoc branch of Vietravel said that the 15 cars for lease of the branch were always fully booked in 2011, while the branch is considering increasing the number of cars this year.

Nguyen Quoc Ky, General Director of Vietravel, said the travel firm has requested airlines, hotels and service providers sign service contracts for the whole year 2012 before December 2011, so as to be secure about the services.

Ky has affirmed that among the choices of people for enjoying life, tourism would be the top choice.

New tourism products designed

Not only targeting high income earners, Vietravel has launched Travelpon that provides services to different groups of travelers, including the ones with low income.

Saigontourist has said it would put the Saigon-Dong Ha, Saigon-Ban Me, Saigon-Rach Gia hotels in the localities it believes would see the number of travelers increasing this year.

In 2011, Saigontourist opened a branch in Quang Ninh province, in charge of bringing tourists from the north to the south. It has just opened a branch in Binh Duong province. The moves show that Saigontourist can foresee the diversification of the tourists in 2012.

According to Tran Duc Thinh, Marketing Director of TST Tourist, travelers, both Vietnamese and foreign, now tend to set up higher requirements, They not only want to travel, but also to learn about the life, culture of every locality. This requires travel firms to provide qualified tour guides and design original products. Especially, travelers now have high demand for enjoying local food. Therefore, if travel firms only offer familiar tours, they would not be able to attract travelers.

A VISA’s survey has also pointed out that the attractive local food and low travel costs would be the main factors that help attract more tourists to Vietnam in the time to come. The survey has also said that Vietnam has become one of the most attractive destinations.

Source: SGTT

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