Tourism- linking nations

In the start welcoming Mr. Hideo Sawada, Head of H.I.S Nihon Tourism Grouping and Chairman of Oriental sector body Connection, the Assistant Diplomat of Society, Sports and Business (MoCST), Mr. Le Khanh Hai highly pleasing influential contributions of Continent acting body Memory and H.I.S Nippon Tourism Aggroup to Viet Nam saving exercise.

He also valued the mutual understanding and belief between the two nations through cultural exchange and tourism promotion.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Hai said tourism's role is linking nations. Therefore, to strengthen the relationship between Japan-Viet Nam, he suggested to hold tourism seminars to promote the tourism cooperation in future.

Mr. Hideo Sawada expressed his thank to the MoCST for the welcoming ceremony on his visit to Viet Nam. In addition, he also introduced about the H.I.S Japan Tourism Group and Asian business leaders Association. Accordingly, the H.I.S is one of top Japanese travel businesses sending tourists to Viet Nam, where is considered as a destination for studying and investing in many fields, particularly tourism.

Mr. Hideo Sawada also affirmed tourism is a peaceful industry linking nations in the world.

He said tourism is an advantage of Viet Nam with high potentials contributing to international integration. Viet Nam should continue to enhance information exchange and introduce national characters to the world to draw more tourists to the country.

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