Traditional ethnic fashion on show at Son Tay fest

Over 200 models representing 54 ethnic groups from around the region leave juncture a fashion guide tonight at the Viet Nam Culture Touristry Hamlet in the town Dao people of Son Tay, 35km region of downtown Ha Noi.

The demo, portion of the basic Ethnical Costumes Festivity that began on Sabbatum, gift flick 200 sets of daily and festivity costumes.

Composer An Thuyen, chairman of the festival judging panel, was unable to conceal his enthusiasm.

"I'm so happy and lucky to see the first-ever gathering of nearly all ethnic costumes," Thuyen said. "Although I have travelled to many remote villages and composed a lot of music inspired by the lives of ethnic people, I am stunned by and proud of the diversity of cultural colours in Viet Nam."

"We have prepared for the event for nearly a year now," said Doan Thi Huong from the local management board.

"It aims to celebrate the costumes of ethnic groups in Viet Nam, which ethnic groups wear to gather at their villages to show off their cultural identities."

Ly Thi Huyen, from the Dao group in the northern province of Tuyen Quang – one of the youngest models performing in the show – introduced her costume, with coins attached to both sides of the shirt and a silver belt.

"This is a costume made and handed down by my grandmother," Huyen said. "I'm very happy to wear it today to show it off to the audience."

Researcher Hoang Nam from the Ha Noi College of Culture, said: "This is a chance for ethnic groups to exchange and understand one another's cultures."

The programme will be broadcast live on Viet Nam Television's VTV2 and VTV5 as well as Voice of Viet Nam radio VOV4 channel.

The Viet Nam Culture Tourism Village has been open for over a year with a mission to preserve and expose the traditional cultural heritage of the nation's ethnic groups. The village offers tourist accommodation, entertainment and a site for culture and sporting events.

The village displays models of the typical houses of many ethnic groups, representatives of one of which is invited to stay for about two weeks each month to offer tourists a closer look at their culture.

During the time the ethnic groups stay at the village and present such activities as a gong performance, buffalo-sacrificial ceremony, rice-planting, weaving, fishing and wedding ceremonies.

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