Travel firms restarting tours to Thailand

Nearly one month after the interruption due to the humanities floods, Asiatic traveling firms acquire restarted the outbound tours to Siam, because these are considered the Bangkok citymost winning tours in South Asia Continent.
Educator of the PR Separation of Vietravel Nguyen Minh Man has said that Vietravel has resumed the tours to Thailand on November 29, and that the two main direction points are Bangkok and Pattaya which possess returned to the median procedure.

Vietravel proves to be the first travel firm which has restarted the tours after the floods influenced 2/3 of the Thai territory. The “Return to Thailand” campaign has been launched by Vietravel which will lasts from November 29 to December 20. Under the campaign, the tours to Thailand have been designed as lasting five or six days, while travelers can enjoy the tour fee discount 700,000 dong per travelers.

According to Vietravel, the travel firm’s representative office in Thailand has informed that the atmosphere in the capital city of Bangkok has returned to normal, while the Bangkok airport has become dry and it has been operating well. Supermarkets and shops have been full of goods after the floods, while a lot of shops now opened 24/24 to attract travelers.

Vietravel is now offering the tour fee of 4,990,000 dong for the five day tour to Bangkok-Pattaya and 5,290,000 dong for six day tour to the two cities. The tours depart on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Saigontourist has also informed that it will restart the tours to Thailand by early December. The five-day tours to Bangkok-Pattaya will depart on the first, second, third, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th and 15th of December. Especially, travelers will enjoy big tour fee discounts of 1.5-2 million dong per traveler. Saigontourists now offers the tour fee of 5,590,000 dong, not including tax and airport fees.

The tours designed for the new period of traveling to Thailand have been diversified, which ca fit a wide range of travelers, from those who want to save money to those who want to high best quality services. Especially, the travel firm also has the tour with which people can associate traveling with playing golf.

Other international travel firms have also said they are planning to resume providing tours to Thai in mid December, after they can update the flight schedule of Vietnam Airlines and update information with the Thai Tourism Department, in order to minimize the risks to travelers.

When asked when the resumption time has been slated for mid December, the representatives of the firms said that the floods in Thailand have not gone down entirely, while Bangkok, which has just escaped from the floods, needs some more time to become clean again. Only by that time, should they begin providing tours again to ensure that the risks can be minimized, while travelers can be safe from epidemics.

However, the travel firms have admitted that they would like to restart the tours as soon as possible. The tours to Thailand are the tourism products developed by all Vietnamese travel firms, because these are the most popular tours to the destinations in Asia. The interruption of the tours has caused big losses to travel firms.

Man has also admitted most travelers canceled the tours to Thailand in the last month after hearing about the prolonged flood. Meanwhile, in 2009 and 2010, travel firms once also had to stop providing tours to Thailand, but just for a short time, and travelers agreed to wait and delay their departure time.

He has also admitted that many travelers may feel worried about the situation in Thailand and may not decide to travel to Thailand these days. However, he keeps optimistic about the sale promotion campaigns launched by both Vietnamese and Thai travel firms. He thinks that the tour fee reductions would help attract more travelers, especially when the Christmas and 2012 New Year are coming.

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