Upland Meo Vac cattle market

The Meo Vac kine mart, held every Sun in Ha Giang province, is unparalleled in the northern mountainous realm of War.Mong ethnic men walk their cows to market to sell
The mart is not only where the locals experience in the karst upland interchange cows, it is also a collecting situate for the Mong social minority.

Visitors to the region are e'er pleased to go to the Meo Vac bovine mart to experience this uncomparable localized ethnic cultural circumstance.

Market goers moldiness line earliest in the morning. Those commerce bovine tally to backwash up the earliest, unremarkably around midnight, to travel their oxen to market. Umteen paseo piles of miles, mounting mountains and extend streams to get there, yet they never appear to be beat and are e'er twinkly and pollyannaish.

In addition to cattle, there are also dogs, goats and pigs for sale at the market. Despite being tied up, a few chubby pigs are still able to run around while the goats lie near their owner’s feet and dogs wag their tails to greet passers-by.

The first sellers start to arrive around 5 am. The echoes of the clop, clop, clop of cattle hooves can be heard throughout the forests and mountains as they make their way to the market. Visitors can see the traditional costumes of the local Mong people at the market; the men wear long black dresses while the women dress in their best, Meo Vac cow marketmost colourful costumes and their children run alongside them. There are food shops selling traditional Thang co (stewed meat soup) and fragrant maize wine near the area reserved for selling cattle. Most Mong men insist on sampling the wine before leaving at the end of the day.

Many people do not actually sell their cows, dogs or pigs at the market; they just bring them there for show. However, there is a lot of livestock for sale, sometimes whole herds of up to a thousand cattle. The cows stand patiently side by side, waiting to be sold to people from lowland areas, sometimes as far away as Vinh Phuc, Ninh Binh or Nam Dinh provinces.

The Mong people are well-known for taking very good care of their cattle. The winters on the karst plateau are very cold and there is often hoarfrost, but they still manage to raise many strong, healthy cows. The average cow sells for about VND5-8 million, while the larger ones may fetch as much as VND20 million. For an ethnic family, a cow is truly a great asset. After selling a cow, the owner can often be seen checking his cash carefully and counting it with pride, yet he is always ready to spend some of his hard earned money on a bowl of Thang co soup and a few cups of maize wine as a reward for raising such a good animal.

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