“Viet Nam will be a wonderful destination for our clients”

This is addicted by a eld of the socialism guests who are directors, shift operators, from Collection, USA, Australia and Asia after a document shift in Ha Stressed Bay asVietnam tourism a concern of information in approving of foreign travel agencies for sending tourists to Viet Nam.

For the initial dimension, Viet Nam National Body of Business (VNAT) in coordination with Vietnam Airlines (VNA) designed this circumstance with the attending of 45 world steering agencies from China, Nippon, Peninsula, Formosa, Thailand, Singapore, Malaya, France, Deutschland, UK, Holland, Country, Svizzera, Spain, USA, and Land. They are representatives of the top markets and fuck operated in Viet Nam since the proterozoic stages of touristry utilisation.

Representatives of international travel agencies had a study tour to Ha Long Bay and enjoyed a special traditional art performance. Most of them were impressed with friendly Vietnamese people and the spectacular scenery of Ha Long Bay which has been elected as one of seven new natural wonders of the world.

Mr. Christian Lenz, Managing Director of Kastl Ost Tourisik GMBH (Germany) has been for the first time to Viet Nam but was very impressed. Mr. Lenz said his clients often chose trans- Viet Nam tours to Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hue, Ha Long, and Ha Noi.

Acccording to him, Viet Nam has advantage of beautiful natural attractions but it must overcome two weaknesses of hotel quality, and especially transport infrastructure. Germans enjoyed the Vietnamese food, but prefering Vietnamese authentic to foreign dishes.

Another tour operator from Japan, Mr. Kurashima Yasumoto has already visited Viet Nam many times to research the market. Kurashima loves Ha Long Bay and every time coming to Viet Nam he also visited Ha Long Bay. He said that Ha Long Bay needs to upgrade its infrastructure.

Ms. Van Nguyen Thi, Marketing Director of La Maison de l’Indochine Co., informed that the company has nearly 100 employees, of which only 10 working in Paris, the remaining working in other countries including Viet Nam. Her parents were from Ha Dong, a district of Ha Noi, Viet Nam. However, she was born and grew up in France since 1947. She desired to contribute to Viet Nam development.

Back to Viet Nam for the first time in 1989 with her family and employees, she spent a month in Viet Nam to really understand the market and visited many places. Soon after that, she decided Viet Nam will be an important destination in the company’s development strategy.

So far, the company annually brings thousands of tourists to Viet Nam. She visits Viet Nam three times a year to explore new destinations. Next year, she will come back to join Hue Festival and bring many of her customers to this event.

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