At the early start, DNQ travel was a small local tour operator for individual travellers to visit Vietnam in focuses on Vietnam Sightseeing Tours, Vietnam Family Tours, Vietnam Motorbike Tours, Sapa Tours, Halong Cruise Tours, Vietnam Day Tours and Vietnam Honeymoon Tours and has since rapidly grown with the expansion of its touring activities over the border to Laos with Laos Sightseeing Tours, Laos Adventure Tours, Laos Family Tours then Cambodia with Cambodia Family Tours - Cambodia Sightseeing Tours - Angkor Wat Tours - Cambodia Honeymoon Tours. Finally, we are also organizing other package tours in Myanmar with Myanmar Sightseeing Tours - Myanmar Adventure Tours - Myanmar Family Tours - Myanmar Daily Tours and Thailand with Thailand Sightseeing Tours - Thailand Beach Tours and Thailand Overland Tours. As a result , it has got a new height to become a destination tour company with a group of experienced guides and professional qualified experts, who also has been involved in tourism business for many years, both in and outside Vietnam. In together with its development, DNQ Travel has set up the representative operation office and affiliates located in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. The omnipresent flag allows our company to be committed to taking care of all your travel arrangement in a timely manner and making your trip a unique experience

The advantage of DNQ Travel over its competitors is the efficiency of dynamic team and very experienced manager who co-operate with each other harmoniously, and who all work for the same goals. We are also a dynamic operator continually developing new trips focusing on areas that many tour operators prefer to stay away from. The travel products are often updated to give clients the perfect holiday possible. The hotel portfolio increases daily to meet the accommodation needs of travellers seeking a high standard of lodging at extremely competitive prices in key destinations. The package tours described in our website range from easy touring to challenging activities, all focusing on some depth of culture, history, lifestyle, wildlife, cuisine and landscapes of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar that are generally quite different to your own. These products also give travelers of diverse backgrounds, interests and budgets numerous options to choose from since they have been quoted based on different hotel categories running from standard to deluxe. At every trip, we ensure the itinerary is well-paced, the transport is interesting and safe and the hotels are well centrally located, the guides are informative, knowledgeable, friendly and profound of foreign languages. Additionally, it is also carefully calculated to bring you a perfect balance between adventure and comfort, exploration and relaxation. DNQ Travel has also specialized in tailor-made travel besides prepackaged holidays. The trip descriptions are tour elements that can be combined in an endless variety. No matter what your enquiry is, our expert will carefully work on it and provide you with invaluable and advisory offer. We can make requirements for groups or individuals those wish to get off the beaten track or simply relax and be pampered at a five star resort.

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Viet Nam

Vietnam’s breathtaking landscapes, friendly people, colorful cuisine and well documented history keeps it at the forefront of any travelers list of ‘must see’ places in Asia. From the rugged northern mountains to emerald rice terraces in the south and picturesque tropical beaches that hug its curvaceous coastline ...


Laos is blessed with a profusion of naturally breathtaking landscapes resulting in endless opportunities for the curious and intrepid adventurer. Famous for its relaxed atmosphere, the country never fails to deliver guests unique experiences and unexpected moments of discovery with every visit ...


Cambodia is home to a wealth of exceptional off the beaten path locations that unveil the ancient qualities of this rugged country. Within its boundaries are an abundance of adventurous opportunities, enhanced by memorable accommodation choices including humbling homestays and luxury offerings ...


Experience Myanmar, also known as ‘The Golden Land’ and a country still untouched by modernism whilst home to ever-smiling people whom adhere to age-old traditions. Discover its diverse landscapes from white sand beaches to arid plains and mountainous plateaus ...


The Kingdom of Thailand is home to a varied selection of exotic and exciting destinations ranging from the misty mountains of the north around Chiang Mai to secluded sandy beaches and pristine islands surrounded by emerald oceans and limestone karsts in the south ...

mekong cruise tours

The Mekong is a trans-boundary river in Southeast Asia. It is the world's 12th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia running through China, Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. On this amazing river, that is a home to a variety of luxury cruises offering cruising packages to discover almost ...

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