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Hanoi - Perfume pagoda - Hanoi
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Travelers visiting Perfume Pagoda not only because of their believes but also of breathtaking landscape of this area... ..
From $ 23 - 31

The Perfume Pagoda is a vast complex of Buddhist temples and shrines built into the limestone Huong Tich mountains. It is the site of a religious festival which draws large numbers of pilgrims from across Vietnam. The centre of the Huong Temple lies in Huong Son Commune, Mỹ Đức District, former Hà Tây Province (now Hanoi). The centre of this complex is the Perfume Temple, also known as Chua Trong (Inner Temple), located in Huong Tich Cave.
It is thought that the first temple was a small structure on the current site of Thien Tru which existed during the reign of Lê Thánh Tông in the 15th century. Legend claims that the site was discovered over 2000 years ago by a monk meditating in the area, who named the site after a Tibetan mountain where Lord Buddha practiced asceticism. A stele at the current temple dates the building of a terrace, stone steps and Kim Dung shrine to 1686, during the reign of Le Hy Tong, at around the same time that Chua Trong was being constructed. Over the years some of the structures were damaged and replaced. The original statues of Lord Buddha and Quan Am were cast from bronze in 1767 and replaced with the current statues in 1793. More recently, damage was done during both the French and the American wars. Both the gate and the bell tower at Thien Tru Pagoda were destroyed, the bell tower rebuilt in 1986 and the gate completed in 1994.


Take an active day tour from Hanoi to the Perfume Pagoda - one of the most important religious sites in Buddhist Vietnam. The pagoda itself is built into limestone cliffs and can only be reached by boat and foot. Cruise along scenic waterways and walk up mountain paths visiting the pagodas and temples that were built in this area of Vietnam over centuries.Boat Trip on Yen Stream to Perfume Pagoda

Our guide and driver will pick you  up from the hotel for departure. You will have 2 hour drive though rice paddy fields and typical countryside scenery of Vietnam.

Arriving at the Perfume harbor you cab enjoy a 2 hour boat trip along Yen stream. It is time for you to relax and enjoy the rural stunning scenery.

After having lunch you will walk up to the main pagoda cave named Huong Tich that is recognized as the most beautiful cave in the region. We continue to Visit and pray to Vietnamese Buddha then head down hill for lunch. Then it is time to visit Thien Tru temple before coming back by boat to our bus.

Arrive in Hanoi about 6:30 pm


* Services included: Transfer by private air-conditioned vehicle; English speaking guide; entrance fees to indicated sights; boat trip; picnic lunch.

* Tour price:

Tour Class: Join group (SIC) Price is applied till 31st Dec 2012


   23 ( Normal lunch )
   31 (Better lunch & Cable Car )

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